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Samera Accountancy and Samera Practice Sales which are well known in the Healthcare industry have now added a new service to their aim to be a one stop shop for HealthCare needs. Samera Finance has been set up to work for you to obtain the best rates in the market from the best lenders using sector knowledge and staff with skills gained over many years.

Samera Finance are brokers not lenders and are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 757431).

Samera Finance

Our team will be delighted to hear from you regarding anything we can help you with.


Our team has extensive experience and contacts in the Healthcare Finance arena that will ensure the finance you raise is competitively priced and matched to your exacting needs. Headed by Nigel Crossman, the Samera Finance team are perfectly placed to help you whatever stage you may be at.

Nigel Crossman

Head of Commercial Finance
07715 668267
Nigel Crossman

Nigel Crossman

Head of Commercial Finance

Nigel Crossman has taken up the role of Commercial Finance Director at Samera Finance Ltd.Nigel has extensive knowledge of banking and the healthcare market, having been in banking for 38 years and Commercial banking for 15 years prior to taking up this new role he led a specialist healthcare team for the Royal Bank of Scotland covering London and the South East.Nigel has a vast depth of banking knowledge as well as experience of dealing with brokers and other lenders in this market.

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Arun Mehra FCA

Managing Director
+44 (0) 207 100 8788
Arun Mehra FCA

Arun Mehra FCA

Managing Director

Arun is a former Vice President of Bank of America, qualified as a Chartered Accountant with PriceWaterhouseCoopers in London, and possesses a first class honours degree in engineering from the University of Bristol. He has been asked to write regularly on Healthcare issues and business for the leading magazines, and regularly asked to speak at dental conferences and seminars, including the British Dental Association. A regular speaker, advisor and expert witness, Arun’s knowledge of how healthcare practices should be run in the current changing environment make him a sought after advisor in the industry. Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) 1st Class Honours in Electronic Engineering – University of Bristol.

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+44 (0) 207 100 8788

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We can assist in all areas of healthcare


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“Many brokers will claim to be able to get priority for their applications and favourable rates, this has never been true to my knowledge and it is more about the quality of the proposition that is placed before banks that’s gets a result for the client”

We will make sure that we not only understand your business but also understand fully what you require from the financial providers by way of loans, capital repayment holidays, rates and fees.

We have access to many banks and many specialist teams within them due to Nigel’s years spent in banking his contacts among banks is extensive.

We are aware of the specific criteria applicable to each lender and will not send your application to anyone who we know cannot assist with the request.

We want to make it easy for Banks and put them in a position here they can say YES to the information provided, with a quick response time.

With no upfront fees and we are happy to talk through your proposition to see if we can help.

If You Require Finance For :-

 Purchase of your own business

 Further acquisitions to your Existing Business

 Seeking to buy out a partner

 Looking to buy into a business

 Setting up a new business

 Tax payments or personal mortgages

Looking to refinance existing borrowing


We know borrowing money is a big commitment and over the years we have been asked many questions. Please read our FAQ’s to help you with your understanding and decision making

This varies depending on the deal – whether it is secured / unsecured or whether it is a start-up / purchase of an established business or purchase / acquisition of a further business.

Banks generally like to see some contribution from the borrower but do allow you to gear up against existing business which may result in you not having to make a contribution.

All banks have a structure for agreeing pricing and they all are different. At Samera Finance we work closely with banks on many deals and are aware of where they will pitch pricing depending on the make-up of the deal. This is why to get the best deal you get the expertise of our team to help you get the finance you want at the best terms available in the market place.

Any lending proposal needs to be properly assessed – many of the lends in the Healthcare market are unsecured so it is important that a bank understands the financial standing and strength of any individual. The gathering of all the information and the presentation of this information is key to obtaining a credit sanction.

Poorly presented forecasts, business plans and information will usually result in financing being declined, therefore it is essential you get your house in order and get the right professionals to assist you.

As above – on occasions where a purchaser is on a buy and build strategy he may be able to gear up against existing businesses and potentially borrow 100%. This is always assessed on a case by case basis.

In the specialised Healthcare market, it is important that any business approach but especially a start-up is placed before an experienced Healthcare Manager. We at Samera Finance have extensive contacts in these specialist teams to assist. It is also important that the information is presented in the right way to have a good initial impact. We are happy to review any cases where they have been declined.

Not always.

Banks cannot insist you move your banking but some have credit terms that are more favourable when they hold not only the lend but also the day to day banking, as they then have sight of how the business is performing.


With no upfront fees, we are happy to talk through your proposition to see if we can help



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